How Social Media Affects Your Relationship and the Level of Your Happiness

Social media is the place in which people spend hours, and someone can even hang on all weekend.
According to today’s estimate, approximately 2 billion people worldwide have profiles in at least two
social networks. A new segment of this industry consists of various applications, dating sites and so on.

Millions of people find their seccond half in social networks: ask some guy how these medias helped them marry a russian girl.
Today even pets can have personal pages on social networks. The problem is that due to social media
people are in a constant rat race. To maintain the status, it is necessary to upload photos from various
places and interesting events, and many people want to show the life they do not really have. Chasing
likes, reposts and commentaries have become a scourge of modern youth because the popularity offline
depends on popularity in social networks. Despite all the benefits, social networks have become analogs
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Several Reasons You Should Remove Your Ex from Social Networks

Even if you have a good relationship with the ex-girlfriend, you still shouldn’t follow her profile on social
networks. Besides, what does “how to deal with gaslighting in relationship” mean? A good relationship can be maintained only if
you two do not have mutual reproaches, which is extremely rare. Otherwise, one of you wants to return
the partner or just stalks because “nobody can be happy when I suffer.” If your relationship has ended
recently, in most cases, you will be interested in her life at least in order to find out whether she suffers
or not. It’s very rare when you don’t care at all. Most often, this attitude comes with experience or with
the time that has passed since the end of a relationship, when you do not even remember why you have
broken up. So, you visit the page of your ex. Have you stayed friends? Really? Unfriend her immediately!
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