How Social Media Affects Your Relationship and the Level of Your Happiness

Social media is the place in which people spend hours, and someone can even hang on all weekend.
According to today’s estimate, approximately 2 billion people worldwide have profiles in at least two
social networks. A new segment of this industry consists of various applications, dating sites and so on.

Millions of people find their seccond half in social networks: ask some guy how these medias helped them marry a russian girl.
Today even pets can have personal pages on social networks. The problem is that due to social media
people are in a constant rat race. To maintain the status, it is necessary to upload photos from various
places and interesting events, and many people want to show the life they do not really have. Chasing
likes, reposts and commentaries have become a scourge of modern youth because the popularity offline
depends on popularity in social networks. Despite all the benefits, social networks have become analogs
of drugs.

1. Positive feedback as a drug.

Many people start their day with scrolling down the news feed. What does make people take the phone
without even getting out of bed? First, it is information. People are used to getting it in tons, although
its quality often leaves much to be desired. The evaluation of others is a driving force, and the more
often people receive positive feedbacks about themselves, the more often they use social networks.
Why is it so? People just adore when they are praised. A big number of likes, laudatory comments
become a real drug for someone, and they stop enjoying life without it. This is one of the reasons why
people begin to idealize themselves, choosing the best angle for shooting and showing the best
moments, carefully retouched by censorship because everyone should think that the life of a person in
the photo is a fairy tale.

2. The desire for instant gratification.

As you know, instant joys have always attracted humanity, and social media has successfully used it. You
open an app, scroll down the news feed, which is formed on your interests, get some pleasure and, at
the same time, learn something new. Dating sites allow you enjoying communication with beautiful
girls. Everything is easy, it’s an immortal mechanism that has been introduced and adapted to the
standards of the 21st century. People like the fact that many people watch their lives, and perhaps, even
envy. If you don’t take pictures, friends don’t see the proof of your perfect life, they cannot appreciate
and envy it. This cult has been formed due to social networks. Human vanity has found new
opportunities for amusement, and nowadays, social media is the best option.

3. What are the benefits?

It will be fair also to mention the positive aspects because today social networks are an excellent way of
communicating with friends and relatives who are on the other side of the world. People can follow
their lives, their successes, exchange messages, share information with each other. In addition, social
networks give the opportunity to get new knowledge, make new acquaintances. Thus, with the right
approach, social networks are a real find for people.