Several Reasons You Should Remove Your Ex from Social Networks

Even if you have a good relationship with the ex-girlfriend, you still shouldn’t follow her profile on social
networks. Besides, what does “how to deal with gaslighting in relationship” mean? A good relationship can be maintained only if
you two do not have mutual reproaches, which is extremely rare. Otherwise, one of you wants to return
the partner or just stalks because “nobody can be happy when I suffer.” If your relationship has ended
recently, in most cases, you will be interested in her life at least in order to find out whether she suffers
or not. It’s very rare when you don’t care at all. Most often, this attitude comes with experience or with
the time that has passed since the end of a relationship, when you do not even remember why you have
broken up. So, you visit the page of your ex. Have you stayed friends? Really? Unfriend her immediately!

1. To stalk a person is creepy.

Imagine that you visit her page with an inveterate periodicity: every day, every other day, or several
times a week. Do not you think it’s creepy? Imagine for a moment that you are stalked by some man
who watches your every move, photos and comments on them. It’s a bit scary. What for? Just imagine
this state and finish that.

2. It only makes you angry and spoils your mood.

You might see a few messages, something like, “I still love you,” but it’s unlikely. Nobody wants to show
that they are dependent on previous relationships, that they want to get back to “this bastard.”
Therefore, with a probability of 80 percent, you will see the typical status of the girl who has got rid of
the relationship, “To break up was the best decision ever. Cheers!” Even if she misses you, her pride will
not let her show that. Otherwise, she would probably offer you to start everything from a scratch. Girls
get through a breakup much easier and faster than men do. This is the sad truth of life. You might see
her pictures with friends or a new boyfriend. Is it worth spoiling your day?

3. You can “accidentally” like something on her page.

Your every “like” means something like, “I’m watching you!”, “I’m still here and suffering”, “You’re
heartless! Do not you dare post pictures of cats and your happy face!” You should be ashamed! Mutual
friends probably see these attempts to “handle this like civilized people, to move on,” and they
experience the same unpleasant feeling because they have no doubts about your behavior.

4. You cannot get someone back or take revenge on them, looking at their photos on the social

The best way to understand whether the situation is awful or not is to think logically. Why are you
looking at her photos? “Just for kicks” is not the answer. It is an ordinary excuse to disguise the need to
sincerely answer the question. Well, why are you doing this? You want to follow her life. This is one of
the logical answers to the question, but i’s creepy, just put yourself in her shoes! You want her to feel
the same after the breakup as you do, but how will that affect you? How will your terrible revenge
work? Obviously, you need to switch on your attention urgently.